Take our quiz to figure out which wearable type would suit your lifestyle, preferences and life goals.

Wearable types

Have you ever wondered if you really need that fancy smartwatch or is it just hype and peer pressure?

We have researched all wearable devices available in the market and their capabilities. And with this quiz we will aim to understand your lifestyle, behaviours and life goals to advise on the best type of wearable that could improve your life.

In the first 4 questions we will ask you about smart wearables you already have. If you don’t have any, there would be an option to indicate that (look towards the end of the answer choices). In the next 4 we will try to understand how you use your smartphone to figure out if there’s any functionality you’d be better off having separated into a wearable. After that we’ll look into your preferences, behaviours & lifestyle to gauge which wearable type(s) would work best for you. In the end, you will get a score on each wearable type and recommendations.