The Miracles of Me Time

There are many benefits of creating some “me time”. You will feel more relaxed and productive, and it can improve your concentration by giving you a break. It can also give you the space you need for self-discovery, enhancing your self-esteem and your relationships. And taking quick opportunities to get up and move will increase your blood flow, get your brain in the right mindset, and give you the energy to get through the rest of your day.

A Moment of Solitude

Take a moment to be alone. Without the distractions of other people or everyday things, “me time” will be more effective.

A Moment of Mindfulness

Be mindful of your environment by engaging your senses and taking a minute to notice what’s around you. What can you hear, smell or feel? How does it make you feel?

A Moment of Gratitude

Write down 5 things that you are grateful for every day, or maybe every couple of hours. You will always find 5, and you will feel happier for doing it.

Random Act of Kindness

Research shows that being kind can boost your endorphins and make you happier. Do a good deed to help yourself and someone else!


Smiling, even when you don’t feel like it, causes you to be happier. You can trick your body into feeling good just by acting happy. So smile, because it’s another way to make you and someone else feel brilliant.

A Moment for Friends

Find time to contact your friends or family – send a text, an email or schedule a phone call. Socialising with people who know you well, and who have similar interests, will boost your mood and leave you feeling like 5 minutes well spent.

Smartphone Detox

Smartphones are addictive and can take over our lives if we’re not careful. Ensure quality “me time” by leaving your mobile phone switched off or in another room at regular intervals during the day.

A Moment with Nature

Spend time outside away from screens or gadgets. Engage your senses and be mindful about what you can hear, see and feel. Enjoy getting back to basics.

Hobbies and Pastimes

Taking up a new hobby (or getting back to an old one) can revitalise you. Spending a few minutes regularly learning something new or indulging in a creative hobby gives you a sense of purpose and can be an inspiring way to spend your “me time.”

The Magic of Tea

Make a cup of tea and enjoy it away from your desk. Making tea will give you something different to think about and you can enjoy time by yourself while you sip your drink.

Aroma Break

Light a scented candle, set some incense to burn or simply open a bottle of essential oil. Choose aromas that are relaxing and that will calm you. Close your eyes and breathe for a moment.

Reading for Pleasure

Another way of leaving technology behind during your “me time” is to enjoy reading a book or your favourite magazine. They will take you into another world, and you can forget the stresses of the day.