Technique: Lion’s Breath

In this exercise you breathe out making a ‘haaaaah’ sound and stretch your face muscles to awaken your body. It can be used to energise and awaken, as well as to calm the mind. It is a good one to wake up to in the morning.

Practise this exercise every day, at least twice a day. Begin with one or two breaths and build it up to ten.

Remember: Sit comfortably before you begin. Yogis recommend completing this practice kneeling on your heels. Find a space where no one can see you because you’ll be sticking your tongue out.

Three young females in simhasana posture rolling their eyes and sticking out tongues on mats

1. Spend a few minutes breathing deeply to relax.

2. Take a deep breath in and open your mouth.

3. Stretch your mouth open wide and feel the muscles in your face stretching as you exhale. Stick out your tongue and make a ‘haaaaaaah’ sound.

4. Repeat the exercise for several breaths.