Relaxation Technique: Body Scan

In this exercise, you are mindfully working through the body to notice areas of tension so that you can relax them. Initially it might take longer as you are learning to recognize tension and letting it go (20-30 minutes), but with time you will be able to do the scan really quickly relaxing those areas where the tension is.

To start with, aim to complete a body scan once or twice every day, spending at least 10 minutes on your practice. With time you will notice that you can complete a full body scan much faster.

Remember: Find a comfortable and relaxed position. Give yourself uninterrupted time to practice correctly.

Exercise instructions

1. Find a comfortable position and let your eyes close. You can sit or lie down for this exercise.

2. Take some deep breaths and feel the weight of your body.As you breathe in, oxygen will energise you. As you breathe out, feel the tension leave your body.

3. Take a moment to notice any pressure, heaviness or sensation in your feet. Focus your attention on that specific body part and draw your attention to how it feels. Consciously relax your feet.

4. Now repeat step 3 as you move up your body bringing your awareness to your lower legs, thighs, hip and buttocks, stomach, chest, neck, jaw and head. One area at a time.

5. When you have worked from your feet up to your head, take a moment to be aware of the weight of your whole body.

6. Take a deep breath and open your eyes, feeling rejuvenated.