Technique: Alternate Nostril Breathing

In this exercise you use breathing through alternate nostrils to refocus, re-energise and ground yourself. Try this exercise for a few minutes at a time, at least twice a day to begin with.

There are two main variations for your fingers position in this exercise. Choose which one feels more comfortable and natural for you.

Prepare: Find a quiet space and a comfortable meditative position to complete your practice. Cross-legged is ideal.

Relax - Breathing - Alternate Nostril

1. Hold your dominant hand up and

a. either press the tips of your index finger and middle finger into your palm. Leave the rest of your fingers and your thumb extended

b. or join your index finger and middle fingers and extend them to touch your forehead. Leave the rest of your fingers and your thumb naturally relaxed.

2. Bring your thumb to your nose and press one side to close off one of your nostrils.

3. Inhale deeply.

4. At the top of your breath, release your nostril and press your ring finger on the other one.

5. Exhale slowly. 

6. Having spent 1-2 minutes breathing in this way, swap your hand, so that you inhale through the other nostril.