Smart Jewellery

Jewellery can be the perfect accessory to any outfit, but what if it could also be the perfect accessory to your lifestyle as well as your look?

That’s what we wanted to create for you – a bracelet that is both smart in style and smart in function.

Please note that our first prototype is still being developed as you are reading this.
Style. Technology. Wellbeing
The look and feel of our bracelet is elegant, simple and thoughtfully designed to suit any style or occasion. And, to complement this perfectly, the technology behind it is actually very simple, too, giving you only what is needed to remind you of your commitment to wellbeing. It’s so discreet, that nobody will ever know that in wearing it you’re really working hard on your wellbeing.

Simply remember to put your bracelet on in the morning, so that it can take care of you for the rest of your day.

Why we need reminders​?

Though sometimes it doesn’t feel like it when we’re stressed-out or tired, we are all living and breathing human beings. We get distracted and forgetful, and taking care of ourselves by taking a moment to be mindful or to relax can be a million miles from our thoughts. But, with stylish wearable tech at your fingertips – or certainly very close to them – in the form of our beautiful bracelet, we can take away the stress of “I must remember to…” when it comes to your health and wellbeing.
Well, we know reminders aren’t going to immediately change your life, but it could be your first step towards the changes you want. With our bracelet giving you reminders throughout the day to go about the self-care practices of your choice, even if you act on just a few of them, that’s already better than zero. And, as with everything when it comes to health and wellbeing, it’s a work in progress. Things will only improve from here.
Building self-care into your routine is literally as simple as picking out an outfit in the morning. Putting on your bracelet each day will enable you to build healthy habits and begin new routines that will really shape your health and wellbeing. And, you’ll look great in doing it all.

Why jewellery

When it comes to jewellery… why not?

Smart jewellery is a breakthrough, giving you stylish wearable tech that doesn’t weigh you down with screens, bleeps, lights or distractions.

Our bracelet is crafted from natural materials – leather and cork straps, and beautiful silver centrepieces as standard. The built-in electronic components have been carefully researched and developed to produce discreet vibrations according to your personalised schedule (as set through your accompanying Mobile App). No more irritating alarms.

Though we know that our bracelet has been designed to look great, we also know that the real beauty of the piece is that it’s a single purpose piece. This means that it’s designed to do just one thing in its role as a reminder to go about your self-care activities, meaning that there’s no need to ‘check in’ or be distracted by the device in case it’s actually alerting you to a new email or similar.

With our new smart bracelet providing a simple yet stylish take on wearable tech, your health and wellbeing really is in your hands.
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