Take our quiz to figure out how sustainable your self-care is and what you could do to improve it in a way that is most natural for you.

Self-care may mean something different for different people, but we are all aware of its importance and many are eager to make it part of our life.

This quiz is based on the workbook by Saakvitne & Pearlman “Transforming the pain: A workbook on vicarious traumatization” and a concept of 6 aspects of self-care – physical, emotional, mental (or psychological), spiritual, social and work (or professional). It aims to understand what self-care means to you and assess if your self-care practices are sustainable and cover all important aspects of your life. It will also look into your lifestyle to suggest some practices to improve or balance your life.

The quiz will start with 14 questions to understand your personal goals and definition of “self-care”, and how you are taking care of yourself on a regular basis. For each of these questions, think about your routines and activities in the last couple of months and answer honestly. These questions are followed by 5 questions to learn a bit more about your life situation, past experiences with incorporating self-care into your life and tools you used. This information will help us suggest some tips and techniques to improve your self-care routine that, in our opinion, would work best for your lifestyle.

In the end, you will have an understanding of how complete and effective your self-care is, what areas you might be ignoring and the best practices to follow.