Self-Care Ideas

Self-care can be a phrase that’s thrown around a lot in talk of health and wellbeing, but do you really know how to practice it?

This popular section of our website is here to give you some simple and practical hints and tips to help you truly immerse in effective self-care, anytime and anywhere.
How Does It Work?

Whilst time and space are things we’d all like more of, as busy people, we know that this isn’t always practical or realistic! Thankfully, our tips and ideas don’t require a great deal of time or space at all. In fact, they’re so ‘good to go’, that you can practice them ‘on the go’!

In offering these ideas, we’re hoping to help you create mindful moments in your health and wellbeing. By trying out any – or all – of the ideas from the topics below, you’ll be able to:
  • Learn to be present, thus really heightening your awareness, focus and relaxation.
  • Work with your own body to align your physical and mental wellbeing.
  • Build self-care in your daily routine so that it becomes a natural part of who you are and what you do.
  • Enjoy the process of self-care via a wide variety of different activities, so that it never feels like a chore.
  • Create positive habits from daily repetitions of health and wellbeing boosting tasks.
  • Witness how even one-off tasks can more positively shape your day (put down that phone).
  • Notice how even the smallest self-care acts can lead to the biggest changes and improvements for your life.
  • Discover that self-care can have many definitions – and can even be practiced together with your family and friends!

Still think that self-care is something that should take root at the bottom of your list of priorities, right after “look after others’ wants and needs”? Just take a mindful moment to remember than until you can care for yourself, it’s actually impossible to do the best job of caring for others.

Start with yourself. Start with your self-care.


Good rules

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Increase Vitality

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Relax and De-stress

Practice our simple breathing and relaxation techniques throughout your day to find balance, feel more rested and relaxed.

Be Mindful

Take a mindful moment to become aware of your sensations, emotions, thoughts or surroundings. Immerse in "here and now".

Sleep Soundly

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Eat Healthily

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Feel Loved

Love first. Love without limits. Start with yourself. Nurture self-love and happiness with mantras, affirmations and words of support.

Get Focused

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