Relaxation Technique: Relaxing Pebble

In this exercise, you are tensing the muscles in your hand and focusing on removing your negative feelings. You can do this exercise using a small, smooth pebble that fits in your hand comfortably, or just use your fist. Once you practice this exercise regularly, you can use it when faced with moments of stress.

It will take you 1-2 minutes to complete the exercise. To begin with, try repeating it twice a day.

Remember: Find a quiet moment to yourself where you will be uninterrupted.

Exercise instructions
Exercise instructions

1. Find a quiet space and a comfortable position.

2. Hold the pebble in your hand, if you are using one, and breathe in, squeezing your fist as tightly as possible.

3. Be aware of the tension in your body and your negative feelings of stress. Feel them move towards your tensed fist.

4. Exhale and relax your fingers, either releasing your negative emotions into the air, or knowing that they are contained within the pebble.

5. Leave those feelings of stress behind and enjoy your day.