Take our quiz to figure out your mindfulness level and what you could do to improve it in a way that is most natural for you.

Daily mindfulness practices
Mindfulness means so many things to different people and can be achieved in so many ways.

Some people link it with awareness and attention, some – with being present in the moment, some – with conscious focusing on and acceptance of own emotions, thoughts and sensations; the list of definitions can go on. But there are still many of us that may not know exactly what it is, let alone how to cultivate it.

This quiz is based on the Philadelphia Mindfulness Scale developed by researchers at La Salle University. It aims to assess your levels of awareness and acceptance – the two core aspect of mindfulness practice – and provide some suggestions on developing these skills further.

The quiz will start with 12 questions to understand your personal definition of mindfulness and assess your awareness in different situations. For each of these questions, think about your behaviors and thoughts in the last couple of weeks and answer honestly and carefully. These 12 will be followed by 7 questions about your experience learning mindfulness and tools you used; this information will help us suggest some tips and techniques that in our opinion would work best for your experience and lifestyle.

In the end, you’ll learn how much you currently practice mindfulness, and how you can promote more of it in your life using some short and simple techniques.