Mindful Moments

Mindfulness is when we are ever present in the moment, aware of what we’re doing and where we are, simply observing what is, instead of being lost in our own thought process.

We can practise mindfulness anytime and anywhere by simply bringing our awareness to our current experience, be it our thoughts, emotions, sensations or surroundings.

It is our innate ability to be present, but we rarely remember to apply it and with time we lose it. Sad. There is hope though. At any point you can get back to basics – consciously bring you attention to what is going on inside and around you – and with time and regular practice you will restore your mindfulness skills. 

 Here are some simple ideas to try:


1. Pay attention to the people and objects around you. Focus on the sounds you can hear on the breeze.

2. Take a mindful walk and be aware of what you pass and how you move. What can you see and feel of the world around you? How do your body and muscles move?

3. Observe something that is moving slowly closer and with full attention – perhaps fish moving underwater, ocean waves or trees undulating in the wind.

4. Concentrate on your breath. Observe the process of breathing and how your body reacts each time you inhale or exhale.

5. Notice each thought, emotion or state you are in and let them drift over you, never stealing your attention for more than a moment.

6. Pay close attention and slow down doing whatever activity you are engaged in at this moment.