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Smart Self-Care

Set reminders for short and simple exercises you can practice, no matter where you are or what you’re doing.
Smart jewellery bracelet


Simple and stylish bracelet that adds elements of elegance to wearable tech. No plastic, no displays… just natural materials and discreet alerts so that nobody will ever know that you’re working hard on your wellbeing.

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Discreet vibrating reminders as you go about your self-care activities. No bleeps, no lights, no distractions from other apps or functions. Simply set your schedule on your single-purpose device and go about your life.

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Self-Care Ideas

Quick and simple exercises for mindful moments and wellbeing. No lengthy instructions, no need for special equipment. Explore, commit and repeat regularly to foster new habits, nurture yourself and balance your life.

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At this stage of our journey at Re:Mind, we’re really looking forward to working with you to shape the future of our technology.

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Our stylish silver and gold bracelets help you build self-care into your daily routine, foster healthier and more mindful habits, and develop self-awareness.

This simple accessory will produce gentle vibrations on your wrist according to your personalised schedule (set through our companion app) to remind you to take a moment and nurture yourself.

Focus your attention on what really matters – YOU. And in time, you’ll enjoy positive changes in your wellbeing and your life.
Smart Jewellery bracelet
mobile app to set reminders

Re:Mind - Your Self-Care Buddy

Nobody knows your lifestyle and daily routines better than you do. Knowing this, we’ve been keen to design a mobile app that gives you the flexibility, tools and knowledge to help you form new, healthy habits. Habits that can really boost your health and wellbeing.

And, when combined with our smart bracelet (currently in an exciting stage of development), it can be even more of a key driver for your daily routines of self-care.

Download the Re:Mind App Today. It’s totally free.

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Mobile app features

Simple and intuitive

to fit right into your lifestyle as you create your own schedule

Free to download

get a feel for how our technology works, even without our eagerly awaited bracelet

No registration

just download and go
Mobile app for smart bracelet

Ideas and practices

to promote rest, relaxation and mindfulness ‘on the go’ on the path to your self-care

Scheduling patterns

to give you the flexibility you need to build reminders into your daily routine

Sharing option

to share your reminders with others

Don’t forget to look out for ‘My Tribe’ function (coming soon), which allows you to synchronise your reminders and routines with friends and family. Practice self-care ideas and exercises with those you love, because self-care starts with you… but it doesn’t have to end there.

Your self-care goals

This section of our website is here to give you some simple and practical ideas to help you truly immerse in effective self-care.
Breathing and relaxation techniques

Relax and De-stress

Practice our simple breathing and relaxation techniques throughout your day to find balance, feel more rested and relaxed.

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Exercises to improve vitality

Increase Vitality

Improve your fitness and flex your muscles even if you are tied to your desk all day. Ideas for what to do after your sedentary reminder.

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Daily mindfulness practices

Be Mindful

Take a mindful moment to become aware of your sensations, emotions, thoughts or surroundings. Immerse in “here and now”.

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