Exercises for Your Wrists and Hands

If you work in an office or behind a desk, then there’s a chance you’ve dealt with wrist or hand pain before. These are a few quick exercises that can help you relieve your hands and wrists from tension, and to help them relax.

Mix and match at least 3 of these exercises and complete them together twice per day. During your break and near the end of your shift are ideal times.

Remember: Never force through the pain. If you experience discomfort, please do check in with your doctor.

Vitality - wrist - 1

Start by gently pinching the muscles between your index finger and your thumb. Then begin massaging in small circles. Stay firm enough that you can feel pressure, but not so much that it hurts. Do this for 30 seconds on each side.​

Vitality - wrist - 2

Relax your fingers and wrists and shake them out for at least 10 seconds.

Vitality - wrist - 3

Pick up a tennis ball (that you should keep in your desk) with one hand and squeeze as hard as you can. Hold for up to 5 seconds before slowly releasing your hand. Repeat this with each hand 5-10 times.

Vitality - wrist - 4

Sit or stand straight, shoulders relaxed. Stretch out your arms, pull fingers of your right hand back towards you, adding pressure with left hand. Hold this for up to 10 seconds. Then change hands.

Vitality - wrist - 5

Sit with your arms at your sides. Then bend your elbow to a 90-degree angle, your palms facing down. Rotate your forearms so that your palms face up, and then rotate them back. Repeat 15 times. ​

Vitality - wrist - 6

Hold your hands in front of you upright, stretch them and spread fingers apart. Now, bring your hands into a loose fist, keeping thumb on the outside. Hold this loose fist for 5-10 seconds before relaxing and opening hand into initial position with fingers apart. Repeat 5 times.​

Vitality - wrist - 7

Put both of your hands into a “thumbs up” position. Start rotating both thumbs in circular motions. Do this for 30 seconds, switching the direction of rotation after 15 seconds.

Vitality - wrist - 8

Hold out your hands upright with your fingers spread apart (do not strain them). Bring your thumb to your pinky finger, and let it rest for 3 seconds. Move your thumb to the next finger, until all of them have been touched. Do this twice on each hand.​