Creative Moments

This advice is all about taking regular 5 minute breaks throughout the day for a creative activity. Let’s start with 2-3 times per day and then do more if you feel like it.

The best way to feel happier and healthier at work is to strike a healthy work-life balance. Try to reconsider how much energy and attention you give to your job, your rest, and your self-care during the day and see how differently you feel at the end of it.


Mindful Colouring

You can buy mindful colour books in many shops. Choose an image and colour it in with pencils or felt-tip pens to relieve your mind from the stresses of your day.



All you need is something to doodle with and something to doodle on. Don’t plan your doodle; simply draw whatever comes to mind.


Listen to Music

Pop on your headphones and take a moment away from your normal life. Choose your favourite tunes or relaxing music to chill you out.



Regularly write down how you are feeling. This will help you to process your emotions, but also moderate them in moments when you feel stressed or overwhelmed.



Zentangle is the drawing of structured patterns on a small square or ‘tile’ of paper. Use dots, lines and curves to create freestyle, unplanned geometric shapes.