Clean Up Your Space to Clear Your Mind

A clean space is crucial for your vitality. It can help you feel ready to take on the day without being distracted by mess and make it easier (and quicker) to find anything you need.

Instead of trying to tackle all your mess at once, it’s easier to handle it in short bursts of planned energy. Spend 5 quick minutes at the start or end of your day, or make a dedicated break to chip away at clutter. Follow few easy steps below to see a change in your workspace.

Remember: spend no more than 10 minutes at a time on each step. Stop once you start to get overwhelmed or irritated.

Take inventory of the mess that you have.

Check your desk surface, drawers, notes, books, papers, cupboards, fridge shelves, and other personal and shared spaces.

Prioritize your mess.

Rank your mess by most space consuming to least, starting with the bigger messes first (your top priority). 

Start cleaning up.

Tackle each “mess”, one at a time, in 5-minute bursts. You don’t have to finish an entire task during one cleaning session.

Polish it.

Once you’ve freed up your space, take the time to wipe down your areas with cleaning wipes.